You Deserve These 6 Custom Hair Care Treatments And Supplements

Get more out of your hair care products and supplements with these 6 custom hair care and supplements items.

1 Custom Root Source

A steady supply of this root source product can stimulate hair growth and soothe the scalp. If nothing you tried has worked before, then getting this item will prove to be an excellent idea. Custom-made ingredients mean the product is catered exactly to what you need, and there aren’t any synthetic dyes, gluten or additives included.

2 Custom Curl Cream

A curl cream that’s concocted for your physiology and hair requirements, you can use it to keep your hair strands fizz-free and hydrated all day long. The cream is easy to apply and non-greasy, so you can pump some into your hand and do your hairdo any time.

3 Custom Dry Shampoo

This custom dry shampoo has evolved into something more than just cleans your hair. Your scalp gets a huge dose of nourishment, and your roots will thank you for it.

4 Custom Hair Oil

A hair care and supplement you can use for finishing or pre-washing, the premium oil acts as a base and effectively smooths out the frizz while protecting your hair from unwanted damage.. The formula is 100% customized as per your personal needs.

5 Custom Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

Pre-shampoos can be what you want them to be, including as a gentle detox product or for soothing repair. Whatever the case, you can get a customized pre-shampoo mask that has zero phthalate, alcohol, sulfate and parabens. Applying this will surely make a world of difference in terms of caring for your precious locks.

6 Custom Conditioner

The perfect conditioner is one that doesn’t make your hair heavy while locking in moisture and shine. The best thing is that you can concoct your own formula to achieve your hair goals.