9 Shirts From Indochino Collection

Indochino is a clothing company that provides premium and luxury collections of suits, shirts, blazers, and chinos. Customers can browse their collections through the online store and in showrooms across North America.

Here are some of the shirts that you can buy from Indochino:

1 Helston White Shirt

This wrinkle-free shirt is made from 100% cotton which provides comfort on every occasion. The white shirt is part of the premium collection that can be worn during formal or casual events.

2 Helston White Tuxedo Shirt

If you are looking for a shirt to complete your tuxedo outfit, this piece will make you look sharp without compromising comfort. This tuxedo shirt is designed to be worn with studs which are sold separately.

3 Hayton Dot Shirt

One of the best-selling premium shirts, the dot blue shirt is a popular choice for those who want to have a break from wearing solid-colored shirts. The white dots printed on the navy shirt will keep you looking smart and sharp.

4 Hedon Windowpane Shirt

Hedon shirts are printed with iconic grid patterns that provide very minimal details in a thin dark color for those who do not want to wear a plain white shirt.

5 Pinstripe Blue Shirt

Another wrinkle-free piece from the premium collection, the pinstripe shirt has a striped pattern that never goes out of style. Wear this shirt when you are on a weekend date or during office meetings.

6 Dot Gray Shirt

Compared to the other Hayton dot shirts, this white shirt has subtle gray dots for those who want to wear white shirts but still want to have minimalist patterns to look different from the others.

7 Helston Gingham Shirt

Another best-selling piece from the premium collection. The shirt’s small blue checkered patterns make it versatile. Its fabric is wrinkle-free cotton fabric does not crease on body movements.

8 Helston Microcheck Shirt

This micro-check shirt comes in a red and blue small checkered pattern. For those who do not want to wear dark colors but still want to wear something with style, this piece from the premium collection is for you.

9 Hadleigh Plaid Shirt

If you are not a fan of eccentric patterns but still want one on your shirt, this plaid shirt uses a Prince of Wales check pattern that comes in the same shade as the shirt. It can be seen as a plain-colored shirt from afar, but the checkered pattern can be seen as people closer.

All shirts from Indochino are custom-made based on your measurements. The shirts can also be customized if you want to have chest pockets, different cuffs, and sleeve length, or have them tailored with a different collar style.