6 Best Women’s Rose Gold Wedding Rings In 2022

Rose gold is the perfect color for a wedding ring for women. They love jewelry in the color rose gold. They love how they shine gold and pink under the sun. They also look very stylish. No wonder they are currently on trend. If you find it hard to look for rose gold wedding rings, this article is for you. Here are the best 6 women’s rose gold wedding rings that any bride will love.

1. Classic Wedding Ring

This is your classic wedding ring but in the color rose gold. It’s plain and simple. It’s also slim at only 2mm wide. This is a 14k gold rose. Surprisingly, this is the most popular rose gold wedding ring. One reason for that is its affordable price.

2. Diamond Eternity Ring

This is a wedding ring that symbolizes a love that lasts forever. It features little stones of diamonds that add glamour to the ring. It is also petite in size so it fits small hands perfectly.

3. Riviera Pave Diamond Eternity Ring

Women love diamond rings. If your woman also loves diamonds then the wedding ring must be adorned with diamond stones like this one. This ring has a diamond all around it. If you put it under bright light, it will not only shine but will also shimmer in beauty.

4. Milgrain Marquise And Dot Diamond Ring

Half of the rose gold diamond ring contains diamonds in different sizes. Some are rounder and some are spherical. This band is quite thick measuring almost 2.5 mm. This is perfect when you want a ring that catches everyone’s attention.

5. Dot Dash Diamond Ring

Make her feel special with this gold rose wedding ring. It features a unique design that makes it extra special. This feature different cuts of diamonds. You can see princess, round, and baguette diamond cuts here.

6. Floating Diamond Wedding Ring

This is a 14k rose gold wedding band adorned with diamonds on one side of it. It is named floating because the diamonds are placed in such a way that they look like floating. Its thickness is just perfect which measures 2.2mm.