7 Best Custom Hair Care And Supplements

Prose provides the ultimate personalized hair care experience. From discovering your unique scalp and hair needs to determining your hair goals, Prose takes every single thing into account. Each custom product uses synthetic and natural ingredients that are ethically tested and carefully evaluated. Here are the best custom hair care and supplements from Prose.

1 Styling Gel

This custom non-crunchy, flake-free gel, a versatile styler for coils and curls, gives any hairstyle the perfect amount of definition and hold while avoiding shrinkage and frizz even in humid weather. The gel also protects delicate split ends, forms a barrier that safeguards from future splitting, and smoothes hair fibers. The styling gel can be layered with other stylers.

2 Root Source

Root Source is a custom hair supplement that provides powerful and natural ingredients noted for stimulating hair growth and soothing the scalp. The first capsule is tailored with a combination of ingredients that can create a sturdy foundation for hair growth and rebalances the scalp. While the second capsule revitalizes the hair bulb for less shedding and faster growth. These two easy steps can make your hair stronger and longer.

3 Curl Cream

The custom curl cream can be used for touch-ups or as a styler. This defines the natural texture of your hair whether it is coils, curls, or waves while maintaining the strands frizz-free and hydrated. Similar to other Prose products, the curl cream is color-safe and contains components for color protection.

4 Dry Shampoo

The custom powder, translucent dry shampoo extends your hairstyles and refreshes your roots, all while looking after the needs of your scalp. Ingredients used in this custom, fragrance-free dry shampoo boost volume, help improve the health of your scalp, and more. Since it’s not limited to a single scalp or hair type, it is safe to use for oily, fine hair or sensitive scalp.

5 Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask

Prose’s custom pre-shampoo hair mask is a potent pre-wash treatment. It restores smoothness and moisture to hair ends and lengths. Moreover, it helps your shampoo offer a gentler wash with no irritation. Tailored with the ideal moisture level, the hair mask repair and hydrates your hair. Additional notes are included with your order to know the frequency and usage that suits your hair needs.

6 Hair Oil

Used as a finishing step to style your hair or as a treatment prior to washing your hair, the custom premium hair oil smooths away frizz and protects hair strands. Suitable for all hair types, each blend is concocted to provide the perfect amount of nutrition and hydration without overloading your strands.

7 Pre-Shampoo Scalp Mask

As a concentrated pre-wash treatment and specifically formulated for scalp health, the custom pre-shampoo scalp mask helps bring back balance to your scalp. It can be used as a gentle detox or a soothing repair and is currently certified microbiome-friendly. With its micro-exfoliating texture, it also purifies your scalp leaving it smooth and refreshed without residue or buildup.

1. Heart 14k White Gold Band Ring In White Diamond

This elegant band ring is designed with a simple yet elegant heart-shaped setting, perfect for everyday wear. Crafted in 14k white gold, this ring features a single-cut center stone in the crown and six matching white diamonds along the shank. This 14-karat white gold diamond heart band ring has a timeless appeal that will never go out of style, making it an ideal gift for that special someone in your life or a great keepsake for yourself.