8 Earrings That Have Transformed The Jewelry Market

1. Pearl Beaded Elle Gold Earrings

These 14k gold-plated earrings emphasize a frame made out of pavé pearls, combined with an ivory body. They are two-piece, with the upper part being a lot smaller while its continuation completes the whole look.

2. Jordan 18k Gold Vermeil Earrings

A symbol of elegance, the Jordan earrings stay true to their name with a perfect shape of a hoop. Made out of Vermeil – a sterling silver foundation with an 18k plating – they will truly make you shine.

3. Libby Sterling Silver Huggie Earrings

The beautiful ashen shine of sterling silver is only made better by the white sapphires that are a trademark of the huggie earrings. Simple yet elegant, the ring-shaped base is completed by six tiny gemstones.

4. Britt Thin Beaded Hoop Earrings

Your new everyday earrings, the Britt Thin introduce a blue sapphire element that is speckled with 14k yellow gold plating. Their appearance is ideal for any occasion, casual or formal.

5. Juliette Gold Stud Earrings

The look of the Juliette Gold resembles a tiny chandelier and is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Its brass base has multiple white crystals that are held together by the gold-plated metal underneath them. The earpost closure is a finishing touch that will attract looks anywhere you go.

6. Ari Heart Stud Earrings

Express your romantic nature with these old-fashioned heart-shaped earrings. Inspired by traditional simplicity and minimalism, they have an iridescent drusy stone in the middle, as well as a textured frame made out of 14k gold-plated brass. Each earring is quite tiny and fits completely on your earlobe for both comfort and style.

7. Davie Vermeil Stud Earrings

If you’re a fan of stud earrings, look no further. This small, inconspicuous piece of jewelry gives you enough class and style without being striking. It also has quite a special meaning. Its green Chrysoprase stone represents your birth month – in this case, May. You can wear it with anything, from shorts to dresses.

8. Hadley Butterfly Drop Earrings

Butterflies are believed to represent rebirth, hope, and bravery. This attractive piece will help you discreetly show off all of these qualities while also boosting your overall appearance. The whole construction has a lot of attention to detail and its 14k gold plating emphasizes on those details even more.