8 Multipurpose Suitcase And Bags

Investing in bags that are well-suited to your needs and will last a long time is something you should consider whether you travel occasionally or frequently. When you need to travel, you absolutely must have these eight suitcases and bags.

1 The Everywhere Bag

The Everywhere Bag has a zip opening that completely wraps around the bag, allowing for quick and easy access to the roomy main area. You will also appreciate it as a daily work bag or gym bag because it has a detachable key clip and a pocket that can hold a 15-inch laptop.

2 The Carry-on: Aluminum Edition

This luggage, which can be stored in the overhead compartment of the majority of the world’s leading airlines and is also small enough to be taken on excursions by train or automobile, turns heads wherever it travels. It features a stunning aluminum hard shell, spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees to ensure a smooth ride, and an adjustable shoulder strap.

3 The Bigger Carry-on

The Bigger Carry-On is constructed to last, including a tough polycarbonate hard exterior that can survive every trip you take. It is ideal for longer journeys because it is compact enough to be stored in the overhead compartment of the majority of the world’s leading airlines. Yet, it is still light enough to be carried easily on a train or loaded into a car.

4 The Everywhere Zip Backpack

The Everywhere Zip Backpack is a multipurpose and smartly designed backpack that is made of water-resistant nylon and features a ventilated mesh back panel for additional comfort.

5 The Bigger Carry-on Flex

It can give you the ability to fit everything inside the bag. This hard-side suitcase expands to reveal an additional 2.25″ of space available when fully flexed, making it ideal for those items that you didn’t necessarily plan for but might need to bring along anyway.

6 The Carry-on Flex

This carry-on bag expands to accommodate additional items in the event of stopovers, extended stays, or the transportation of mementos back home.

7 The Medium Everywhere Bag

Prepare to spend the night away from home. This medium-sized version has enough space for an overnight stay’s worth of supplies, including a change of clothing, toiletries, your laptop, and a phone charger.

8 The Carry-on

This ultra-compact carry-on luggage is built to last with a tough polycarbonate exterior that can handle the rigors of any trip.