8 Super Gorgeous Dresses To Wear At Your Next Event

Dresses, more than diamonds, are truly a girl’s best friend. After all, while your jewelry can act as a great accent to a look, it’s your dress that really sets the stage. Luckily, at hellomolly, there are some truly beautiful dresses that will immediately make you the woman everyone wants to pay attention to.

Below, we have 8 intimate, eye-catching dresses that you won’t want to ignore.

#1. Dance On My Own Dress - Blush Sequin

Available in sizes extra small up to large, this blush-colored sequin mini dress is made from a lightweight, satin fabric that makes it great for any event or outing. And, as the name suggests, you can wear it with company or all on your own. Either way, you’re all anyone is going to be talking about.

#2. No Problems Midi Dress - Hot Pink

Offered in a standout hot pink color, this midi dress is 114cm and runs from the shoulder down to the hem. This off-the-shoulder midi dress has a ruffled cut and a body configuring look to prove there really are no problems here.

#3. Easy Going Dress - Gold Sequin

Made in a sequined fabric material, this easy going mini dress is super cute yet just a tad bit naughty. Its halter neck design and tulle bottom give you the look of a modern-day princess.

#4. Night Strolls Midi Dress - Salmon

Meant for strutting out for the world to see, this midi dress is perfect for nighttime events and affairs while being flashy enough to make sure everyone notices you in all the right ways.

#5. Add It Up Dress - Beige Sequin

Great for night clubs, galas, and everything in between, this dress is just the right amount of elegance and sexiness to give you that sense of confidence that, “yeah, you ARE gorgeous”.

#6. Hello Molly Out Of The Box Shimmer Dress - Berry

A Hello Molly exclusive, this mini dress comes looking incredible fresh out of the box. It comes with a tie-up halter neck that ties together at the front. It’s something that is great for pretty much any occasion.

#7. Yours Only Maxi Dress - Pink

Unlike others on this list, this dress is something truly special and one of a kind. Wear it at formal events to put the spotlight truly on you, this dress makes sure that everyone’s attention is your and yours only.

#8. Fated Love Midi Dress - Black Shimmer

Just as the stars shimmer in the night sky, so too does this incredible dress offer the best of everything you’d want. You could say it was fate that you ended up getting it.