8 Women’s Tops To Wear With Everything

It’s easy to shop for women’s tops. Just search them online and you’ll be offered tons of options on your screen. The dilemma now arises. Which one of them should you choose? How do you choose? This article can offer some help. The top you choose must fit into any occasion and outfit style. Here are 8 women tops that you’ll surely love.

1. Embroidered V Neck Peasant Blouse

This is a top that you can pair with your high-waist pants. If you have bohemian accessories, time to get them out. This top features an embroidery design that resembles a bohemian fashion style. You’ll surely love the v-neck and the embroidery on this top.

2. Women's Mixed Material Shirt

This long-sleeved collar shirt is for everyday wear. You can wear it over your tank top or crop top shirt. The fabric of this shirt is lightweight and breathable. It’s comfortable to wear and will not irritate you. It’s good for hot days and cold days.

3. Cowboy Panorama Graphic Cinched Hoodie

You need a hoodie. If you already have one, more hoodies and more tops to wear on winter and autumn days. The horses and cowboys give off vintage vibes. It’s very stylish and goes with any outfit style. It also comes with pockets in the front.

4. Long Sleeve Boyfriend Fit Snap Shirt

This shirt can be worn in many ways. You can wear it as it is if you want to achieve a more classy and sophisticated look. If you want more style, then you can tie the front part into a ribbon to achieve that cowboy look.

5. Relaxed Ringer Tee

If you’ve had enough oversized shirts, then time to go for tees that fit your shoulders and body. This white tee can also be your everyday shirt. It’s very comfortable and goes with pants or skirts. You can also tuck it in when you wear high-waist pants.

6. Crop Graphic Tee

This list will not be complete without a crop top. Chances are, all your pants are now high waist. Then you need a crop top. This is like your regular shirt but shorter. It is printed with phrases that shout women’s empowerment and independence.

7. Southwestern Drop Sleeve Sweater

Sweaters are the best clothes to wear in autumn. They’re very cozy but not too hot. They also are adorned with prints that are adorable and sentimental. This sweater features a simple design. You can wear it over a jacket or as it is and tuck it in for more style.

8. Square Neck Cropped Blouse

Want to wear a crop top but want it to be more formal because you’ll attend a special occasion? Then go for this stopped blouse. It will perfectly go with your high-waist jeans. It also has long sleeves that you can roll up for more style.