Must-have Garments For Your Wardrobe

Every woman has clothes in her closet that she never wears, clothes that were expensive but never really fit the way they should have, or clothes that are so out of date that you can’t imagine where you found them in the first place. Determining what to keep and what to toss isn’t always easy, especially if you paid good money for your pieces. Consider these 8 garments you should buy instead of keep on buying clothing you don’t wear because it’s cute or in style, or because you think they might become classics down the road.

1. x GIGI HADID Courtney Lounge Tank

This tank is so cute and ideal to hang out on the beach, especially with a pair of denim shorts. The v neckline elongates your neck and is perfect for any occasion.

2. x GIGI HADID Erin Biker Short

These shorts are the perfect bottoms for the hottest days of summer. Featuring a mid high waist, these bottoms flatter your body with its smooth texture.

3. x GIGI HADID Meadow Lounge Long Sleeve

This sweater is perfect for a day at the lake, especially if you’re going to be cooking on the grill. Unique design will catch everyone’s attention, even if it isn’t very comfortable.

4. x GIGI HADID GiForce Lounge

This bodysuit is a classic and can be worn to any occasion without fail. Wear it with a high waist miniskirt or jeans for an effortless look that’s sure to impress.

5. x GIGI HADID Millie Lounge

This dress is the epitome of an effortless dressy look. Pair it with a pair of wedges or a jean jacket to really bring out the pattern.

6. x GIGI HADID GiForce Waffle

This waffle bodysuit is perfect to wear on the beach or even underneath your favorite summer dress. Unique color will really stand out and is a great conversation piece.

7. x GIGI HADID Erin Terry Capri

These pants are the perfect pant for any summer outfit, from lounge wear to a pair of jeans. The perfect material keeps you comfortable and breathable, even on warm days.

8. x GIGI HADID Fifi Terry High

This high-waisted shorts are ideal for any summer as a part of your wardrobe. The material is very soft and comfortable to wear, and the color is stunning.

Most of us have clothes that we don’t get a chance to wear anymore, or that are just not fashionable anymore. If you find yourself struggling to get rid of clothes you don’t use anymore, consider replacing them with pieces like the ones above. They look good and will give you a brand new style.