Perfect Pairs of Women’s Bottoms for Every Occasion

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe or are just starting to build your own clothing collection, it’s important to learn the art of matching bottoms and tops together to create outfits that look stylish without making you look like you threw your clothes on at random in the morning. If you want to ensure that every outfit you wear has been carefully curated, then follow these tips on how to match women’s bottoms with tops perfectly:

1. Van Cortlandt Shorts

Van Cortlandt shorts are a classic choice for any trendy fashionista. Shorter styles are great for pairing with several different tops, and longer styles can be worn with an entire outfit of bottoms. The best part about Van Cortlandt shorts is their casual, relaxed cut, so we highly recommend for you to get one of each.

2. Van Cortlandt Grand

Van Cortlandt Grand shorts are great for any occasion and can be paired with almost any type of top. The fabric is light and breathable, so you can wear them in summer or winter without getting too hot or cold.

3. Session Shorts

Session shorts are ideal for summer, because they are made to be worn while doing active things like running, hiking, and more. The stretchy fabric has a natural fit, which allows you to move freely while wearing them.

4. Session Speed Shorts

Session Speed shorts are designed to keep you cool when the temperatures rise. They can easily be paired with a tank or t-shirt and styled for everyday wear or run on the warm days. The double-layered construction is breathable and allows for maximum comfort.

5. Session Short Tights

The best combination of functionality, fashion and style, the Session shorts with tights can be worn while walking around or while you are on the treadmill. The speed short is designed to keep you comfortable and safe, while the range of colors will allow you to match them with anything in your closet.

6. Lane Five Short Tights

Perfect for summer, these Lane Five tights can be paired with your favorite tank or t-shirt and worn for casual wear. The fabric is light, breathable and moisture-wicking which makes it ideal for long walks and runs.

7. Lane Five Crop Tights

The perfect crop length, the Lane Five Crop tights are great for layering with other articles of clothing or standing on their own. The tight design helps to control your muscle temperature during your workout.

8. Twilight Split Shorts

Twilight shorts are ideal for wearing to the beach, and can be worn with a tank top or a t-shirt. The versatility of these shorts will allow you to wear them in a variety of different situations.

9. Twilight Shorts

Twilight shorts act as a more casual alternative to the Lane Five Short, and can be worn with tank tops and t-shirts. The versatility of these shorts will let you wear them with several different outfits.

10. Allston Shorts

Allston shorts are the perfect pick for anyone looking to hit the gym or the trails. The drawstring waist ensures that they will stay in the right place, and can be worn with a tank top or your favorite t-shirt.

There are many different types of bottoms that can be paired with a variety of tops. Now you can have the right look when you step out of the house, and you can do it in style.