The Best Blouses You Can Buy Right Now

It’s hard to find the perfect blouse that looks great, feels comfortable, and fits your figure just right. As with most clothing, it can be tough to get what you want in a blouse — if you even know what you want in the first place! A blouse doesn’t have to be an enigma, though. Read on to learn about some of the best blouses we could find from online shops and retail stores across the country! When you take a look at these fantastic pieces, you’ll be able to pinpoint what kind of blouse will work best for your fashion needs:

1. Long-sleeve Soft Shir

With a soft shir, you get a bit of material that is reminiscent of shirt dresses, but in a sleek, more modern package. The silhouette is slimming and figure-flattering without being overly restrictive — the perfect foundation for just about any outfit you can dream up.

2. Split-shoulder Blouse

A classic style, a split-shoulder blouse is perfect for anyone looking for something that’s ladylike and understated. It also looks great with a bolero jacket or vest, making it versatile enough for virtually any occasion.

3. Poplin Drama-sleeve Shirt

A linen blouse that can be paired with almost any outfit, a poplin blouse is designed to stand out. It’s also made from a soft fabric that will be comfortable for virtually any occasion — and it looks great paired with boyfriend jeans or leggings for a casual weekend look.

4. Placed Floral Off-the-shoulder

For a casual, carefree blouse, you can’t go wrong with an off-the-shoulder blouse. It has a light and breezy look to it that will be perfect for keeping warm on cool or breezy days — and it also looks amazing with leggings or jeans for a fashionable weekend look. If you want a chic blouse to round out any wardrobe, check out these great items! They’re all designed to fit just about any occasion.

5. Long-sleeve Soft Shirt

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, a long-sleeve soft shirt is perfect. It has a slimming silhouette that brings back memories of the classic 1950s fashion look — but it also has an air of modernity to it that makes it relevant and stylish. With a long-sleeve soft shirt, you can wear it with slacks and a blazer, or with leggings and a scarf — it’s all up to you!

6. Floral Embroidered Sleeve Blouse

If you want a bit of sweetness in your chic wardrobe, a blouse with floral embroidery is perfect. Not only does it look lovely, it’s also comfortable and easy to wear. The open back is perfect for showing off a bit of skin without having to expose your midriff — and the large sleeves are great for keeping warm on cool or breezy days.

7. Long-sleeve Soft Shirt

If you’re in search of a lightweight blouse that’s perfect for summer, check out a long-sleeve soft shirt. It has a light and breezy silhouette that will look great paired with jeans and your favorite sneakers, or it can be dressed up with slacks and a scarf for an elegant take on the casual look.

8. Lace Applique Shirt

For something a bit more formal, a lace applique shirt will look great with nearly any outfit. It has a body-hugging fit and a longline silhouette that will make you look slim, even if you’re not. It complements anything from jeans and flats to slacks and boots — it’s the perfect blouse for any occasion.