9 Sparkingly Beautiful And Charming Wedding Rings For Women

Say ‘I Do’ with these ultra-gorgeous wedding rings for women.

1 Flair

A super nice wedding ring that’s unlike any other, you get a uniquely shaped chevron that accentuates the scalloped pave diamonds running down the band. The 18K white gold adds to the overall luxury this ring offers.

2 Lunette

Gold and diamonds are an unbeatable combination, and nothing highlights this more than the Lunette. Sporting a crescent shape that gives way to an intricate layer of diamonds, you’ll absolutely love it when it’s sitting on your finger.

3 Marseille

A gold women’s wedding ring that’s beset by sparkling diamonds, the Marseille is a superb choice for those who want a standout number. You can choose white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum as the base.

4 Delicate Antique Scroll

The details in the making of this wedding ring is breathtaking. Finest crafts and artisans engrave scroll designs that wrap around the sides and top, and round diamonds add to the mysterious and enchanting effect.

5 Noveau

The Noveau is an example that breaks the traditional shape of wedding rings. Pave diamonds accentuate a chevron-shaped band, and at closer inspection you’ll be reminded of the Art Noveau era. It’s thin yet catches the light in the room, and the curve will draw the eyes of people around you.

6 Amelie

An exquisite diamond ring fit for a queen, you get French pave-set diamonds that extend to halfway around the band. The style of setting is such that the array of diamonds capture the light and reflect it back a thousand-fold. It’s unobtrusive enough that you can wear it with confidence day in and day out.

7 Ellora Eternity

A classic and stunning wedding ring for women, the Ellora Eternity is beset with dozens of high quality French pave diamonds that lay atop each other, filling up the band. 18K gold is the perfect medium for this gorgeous ensemble, and you’d be hard-pressed not to admire your ring whenever you look at it.

8 Rose Cut Contoured

Alluring, exciting and magnificent describe the Rose Cut Contoured wedding ring for women. A crescent shaped 14K gold lays out rose-cut and round diamonds that flow halfway down the band. Feel free to flaunt it and show it off to your envious friends.

9 Leona

An ode to vintage wedding rings, the Leona is decadent in every sense, from the 18K gold setting to diamond baguettes and round diamonds set in an alternating pattern.