The Best Women’s Wetsuit Bottoms for Surfing

If you’re ready to hit the waves in your first wetsuit, don’t worry about buying the wrong thing. Wetsuits aren’t made equal and most people have no idea what to look for when shopping for one, so here’s a list of the best women’s wetsuit bottoms on the market today based on functionality, durability, and style. These should help you find the best women’s wetsuit bottoms this season that will have you surfing like pro in no time:

1. Sporti Women's Active 1.5mm Voyage

Though a little more expensive than other options on the market today, this wetsuit is incredibly soft and thin which is perfect for surfing because it allows you to move your arms and legs through the water with minimal restriction. Thinness can be important to increased performance in the water, so if you’re looking for a top notch wetsuit that won’t break the bank, look no further.

2. Xcel Women's Ocean Ramsey

If you’re looking for a durable wetsuit, this is the one. The Ocean Ramsey wetsuit boasts a soft, comfortable fit while still being extremely strong and durable. It also has an extremly ergonomic design that makes it easy to move in the water in spite of its thickness. If you want a stylish, durable piece that’ll keep you warm and dry in the ocean, look no further than this wetsuit. It’s perfect for any level of surfers out there.

3. Xcel Women's 2mm Neoprene Pant

This is another fantastic option if you’re looking for a wetsuit that’s both stylish and functional. It has a tiiiny, almost unnoticeable split seam which gives this wetsuit an even more slimming effect than other models out there. The panthas crazy stretch and allows for you to move with little restriction in the water, which is crucial when surfing in heavy waves. If you’re more concerned about style than anything else and want something that won’t break the bank, then this might be the one for you.

4. Level Six Women's 0.5mm Convection

We all know wetsuits are meant to be worn, but if you’re not an avid surfer like some people or have really limited experience in the water, you might not know what to look for when buying one. This is a great option for beginners who want something that’s sturdy and comfortable without having to spend tons of money on a wetsuit that won’t provide as much protection as a higher end option.

5. Level Six 1.2mm Neoprene Storm Swim Tight

This wetsuit is a little higher quality and will provide even more warmth in the cold ocean water. Do keep in mind that it’s not recommended for surfers who want to wear a rash guard underneath the suit because of the thickness of the material and its tight fit, but if you’re just looking for a sturdy option that’ll keep you warm and dry through winter surfing sessions and don’t mind wearing two pieces instead of one, this is an excellent option.

6. Xcel Women's 3/1mm Neoprene Paddle Short

Did you know that wetsuits are generally supplied in a range of sizes? It’s true! And if you’re worried about getting the wrong size, don’t be, because it’s very difficult to get one that fits wrong. Still, in case you want to be safe and make sure it’ll fit perfect when you get it, this is a great option because not only does it come from a brand name you can trust, but this model is also very forgiving and should easily fit most body shapes.

There is no need to be intimidated when it comes to buying a wetsuit, because you can find the perfect one for you right here on Swim Outlet. The wetsuits on our website are made by some of the top name brands such as Xcel, Level Six, and Sporti.