Why Does Fashion Need Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are some of most glamorous events in most places, since they feature fashionable clothes, attractive models and celebrities. They also get a lot of coverage in the mainstream media. Yet these fashion shows are also very expensive to organize. So many newcomers to the fashion industry ask the question Why does fashion need fashion shows. While the mainstream media will usually feature the glamorous models walking on the ramp, most people are not aware that the fashion show usually features a buyer seller meet, where the fashion designers can meet prospective buyers especially retailers.

Most products used are defined by their specifications, and it is easy to compare the products from different companies. In contrast for clothes, fashion accessories, textiles and decorative items, the user or retailer would like to find out how the garments actually look before deciding to purchase the clothes. Often photos of clothes do not provide adequate information since the color in the photos varies depending on the lighting, and it is difficult to find out the texture of the clothes and stitching quality. A fashion show allows the fashion designer to showcase their clothes to prospective buyers, wholesalers, retailers.

People like to wear clothes which are attractive and will make them look better. They also want well stitched clothes which they can use for a longer period of time. Retailers and wholesalers would like to stock clothes which their customers will like and purchase. Often photos of clothes are misleading so these bulk buyers of clothes prefer to inspect the clothes. The fashion show allows them to check the design and quality of the clothes before placing an order. Fashion trends are always changing and people are more likely to purchase the latest fashion styles. So fashion shows are one of the most popular ways to find out the latest fashion trends.